About Us

 My name is Chris White and I am the owner of Mrs Papendick Historical Seamstress.

I retired from my post as a lead teacher for History in Staffordshire in 2010. After twiddling my thumbs for a few months, I started making Regency and Georgian garments as a hobby and as a volunteer at Erasmus Darwin House, a local museum in Lichfield. My cottage soon became too small for all my efforts, I had become addicted!


I wanted to improve my costume skills and, in particular, I wanted to make my own patterns based on original fashion plates. So I signed up for a one day a week course - a  BTEC Level III  in Costume at Warwickshire College, the Henley in Arden campus.. As well as pattern making, I also did millinery as part of my course.


After the course I was offered an 'incubator unit' in a lovely Georgian house in the college grounds. Mrs Papendick was based there for two years. Some students from the college were employed on a part time basis during that time - Lauren, Harriet and Alice.


In April 2015 Mrs Papendick moved to Hednesford. The enterprise centre where we are now based is on the stunning Cannock Chase. 

Lucy Fellows became my lead seamstress and deputy in April 2016. I would be lost without her.

at the end of 2017 we were joined by two new seamstresses, Carole and Marie. They settled in immediately and became a happy addition to the Mrs P family.

Who was Mrs Papendick?





Charlotte Louise Henrietta Papendiek; I spelt her name incorrectly because I am dyslexic and only realised AFTER  registering my company. I have to say it is a name that is not easily forgotten!

She was Queen Charlotte's Dresser and Personal Reader. Queen

Charlotte was the wife of  'Mad'  King George III. 

Mrs P was my introduction to  Georgian  ladies' dress stress. Her

journal was my inspiration and I thought it only right that she

become my alter ego and the portrait of her and her son became my logo.










and all round good egg!

Mrs Papendick